It is common especially for young adults to go through a time of profound questioning and doubt. But is not exclusive to young adulthood. There are older people who come to an impasse in their lives and have profound questions of the nature and existence of God.

For me, it was my 2nd year of Bible College. I went there from an early life of being a Christ follower and began to study theology full-time. As I dove into new depths I discovered difficult questions that my childhood faith was not prepared for. Little by little I began to doubt and wonder if it was all a bunch of hooey.

That reminds me of the journey I see many on. I decided to continue my studies in another field since I was being overwhelmed with aggravating doubts. A couple years later, I awoke one day and suddenly was struck with a simple truth. I do believe and I want to believe. All of the questions I had pondered were suddenly answerable and I was satisfied to trust God again.

Was it a rebirth of faith? I think it was.

What was really important in that season was to be able to present my doubts and questions before God and not foolishly jump to extremes. I may not have been in Bible College, but I maintained fellowship with other believers and kept going to church. I still prayed even though I was uncertain about whom I may be praying to.

I realized an important truth at that time. There are doubts that are common to many people. There are reasonable answers for most questions, but it will depend on whether we want to believe or prefer the comfort of doubt.

For every profound question I had, there were good answers but I was not ready to settle. When the simple quality of faith emerged, it all made sense. I would not have 100% certainty, but I would be convinced that I was on the true path. The real question for every questioner is ‘do you want to believe or not?’