When do we most need hospitality? Is it when we are already busy to the max and in the world of people daily? Rich, successful people with large houses and a budget for entertaining may seem like the most likely to host a big party, but what are the rest of us to do?

Maybe you have watched the cooking shows and the decorating shows where there is an emphasis on using these things to practice hospitality. Do we need Queer Eye to come get us more presentable for impressing people? What if the dishes in your ratty old cupboards are mismatched and chipped? What if the couch has a tear where the dog chewed it? Does that mean that you are under-qualified to show hospitality in your home?

Some of my favourite memories in peoples’ homes had nothing to do with the décor, the food or the perfection. I was always impressed when I was loved and appreciated and offered a coffee or share a bag of chips with some pop.

It’s nice to visit perfect people with lots of money, but sometimes I leave feeling more envious than grateful.

When you are a homeless or ‘away from home’ stranger you may long for someone or something familiar. It is so uplifting when they demonstrate a deep acceptance and graciousness toward you. If you could walk into a mansion and be treated like a king, it would be novel. But if you are loved and received in the humblest circumstance, there is a deeper connection established between you and the host. What if they actually value you and take a sincere interest in appreciating you ‘as is’?

Most often we need the kindness of others if we are experiencing loss, displacement or at the start of a new beginning.